Hi! Welcome to Hungry Gopher

I am Sun. I cook and create recipe videos to share on my littl’ corner of the world wide web.

Just like you, I LOVE food. I love it because: it’s so tasty, nurturing, curious and fascinating.


I was born and raised in South Korea, where food is the center of the culture, so naturally my passion for food bloomed early. I was the child who hovered around the kitchen, hoping that my kind grandmother would give me a little taste while she was busy cooking for the family.



I believe food is one of the main sources of energy to nurture our bodies and minds. Without the quality input of wholesome food we are bound to have poor output. I am not saying that food is a magic wand, nor do I think it fixes all the problems. However, I believe it gives a good foundation to prime your body and mind to be wholesome. So I put on my Gopher apron every day to nurture myself and my loved ones.


In the year of 2013, the company I worked for went bankrupt. The visual effects industry I built my career in over the past 10 years had a meltdown in Los Angeles.  I also hit the 40 year mark in my life.  Most jobs fled out of LA, a lot of my friends and co-workers moved out of the city chasing the jobs overseas and abroad.  The job perspective in my career looked grim and my social group seemed to vanish. Then I felt trapped and depressed.  At first, I waited for things to happen. Then one day I realized that I was done “waiting”. I was ready to take an action to get what I want in my life, to LIVE.


So Hungry Gopher was born: to share and connect with people who share the passion for good food and good life.


Mr. Lunch, the man behind the camera, who is also my best friend and my life partner mostly calls me by nicknames.  In the summer of 2013, he started calling me “Gopher”.  I didn’t think much of it back then. Then one day, I went hiking and saw a gopher popping out of the hole, and I thought to myself, “that gopher is just like me!”.  I can be introverted, staying down in my hole for awhile but then when the curiosity (some might say “hunger”) comes over me, I pop out of the hole with a strong urge to grow and learn about the world around me. Thus, Hungry Gopher became my symbol of unstoppable curiosity. My inner yearning to learn about the world around me one bite at a time.




I was a chubby kid most of my teenagehood, despite being at the peak of my metabolism. When I started improving my eating habits and being active, I started getting fit. Most importantly, I have become happy, healthy, and I have the energy to explore and do the things I love to do.


I admit that cooking can be tedious and time consuming. I believe the idea of “simplicity” is the magic, and I apply simplicity to my cooking techniques and recipes without sacrificing flavor. This is how I have been able to pack lunch boxes to take to work and mostly eat home-cooked meals despite my busy schedule.


My recipes are tested and tried, so you can have a wonderful adventure of cooking at home and still have time to play. So have your keen sense of wonder awakened, unleash your inner Gopher, and join me to Eat Real and Be Real ^____^


Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to see you on the blog sometime soon…

Eat Real, Be Real,






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10 Responses

  1. 손성일

    재밌게 보고있어요 응원합니다..^^

  2. 성일씨,

    감사합니다. 한국 분으로는 처음으로 댓글 달아주셨네요 =)
    저도 재밌게하고 있어요…ㅋㅋ


  3. Hi Sun,
    While going through youtube, I have seen your channel by incident. Your recipes are amazing. Even though I am from India, I have now started trying your recipes. I admired about your way of presentation. Off course because of your camera as well. I have just tried Egg role, it was fantastic. yet to try your other recipes. Like you I am also very passion about food. Thanks for sharing and updating recipes for us. All the best!!!

  4. Sun~ Thank you for publishing your E-Cookbook. I’ve been looking for recipes for kimchi that I can eat. I have many food allergies. It’s difficult to find recipes and then make them for your own enjoyment. I’m looking forward to your Mother-in-law’s kimchi/ potato “mash-up” (hint). I hope a second e-book is in the making along with your fantastic personality. Take care!

    • Hi Lynn!

      Thanks for the comment and purchasing my Ebook. I am glad my kimchi recipes are helpful to you. As a person who has a lot of food sensitives, I understand the difficulties you face.
      I’ll make a note of the hint you dropped =). Currently, I am in the process of creating The Kimchi Master Course, but you got me thinking about a second ebook.



  5. Anthon Kur

    Hi Sun, my name is Anthon from Sydney, Australia. I was stumle upon your youtube video when looking for an authentic haemul soondubu jjigae. I love your video personality right away thanks to a nice recipe and good camera techniques by Mr Lunch.
    Be hungry and be curious indeed!
    I really enjoy korean food since ever but just trying to cook one myself until recently. Many thanks for your effort and please keep posting new recipe video!

    • Hi Anthon from Australia,

      Welcome to Hungry Gopher! Thanks for sharing your story and your love for Korean food. I am so glad you found my content helpful. I’ll make sure to tell Mr. Lunch about your compliments.

      Btw, Sydney is beautiful. I’ve visited there a handful of time to visit my brother. He lives in Sydney.

      It’s so good to have you on The Gopher Land =). I’ll keep working on providing quality content.



  6. Hello, Sun!

    I honestly don’t remember how I came across your site. I may have been looking for kimchi recipes. I love your honesty and your recipes are so simple. Korean food is an absolute favorite for me. While I’m sad about the pitfalls and dips that have happened in your life, I’m glad they did. The Hungry Gopher probably wouldn’t be if it weren’t for those closed doors of the past.

    You are encouraging to me. I hope to encourage you to keep at it. Stay hungry! Stay curious! The world was given to us to explore and enjoy.

    • Hi Monique!

      Thank you for such kinds words and encouragement. I’ll keep your words close to my heart and keep on trucking =). You are absolutely right. Those pitfalls have been great lessons for me to become a better person.

      I’ll keep on nurturing The Gopher inside me as you suggested =)



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